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Jeremy Lamb, Cello

Jeremy Lamb-0010.jpg
What was your musical upbringing like?

When I was very young my dad had a record player, and every night after dinner he would select a record from his extensive classical music library and listen to it through. I only saw him in the evenings since he was at work all day, so I started joining him in his quiet listening session, first as a bonding thing, but then because I really started loving the music. I would help him pick out the record selection for the evening, at first just from the record cover art (I was only five, afterall), but then I just wanted to hear Beethoven, especially the piano sonatas and concertos. I stopped waiting for the evenings to come and put the records on in the afternoons too. It was the first movement of Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata that really grabbed me, and I asked my mother to help me learn to play it on her upright piano. After a year, I had it memorized and played it for my 1st grade class, and from then on I was a total classical music addict. I switched to cello until 9th grade though, so my early start on piano only helped me indirectly in my

professional career. Even though my tastes have widened since those early days, I still have a very soft spot for Beethoven and look forward to it every time something of his is programmed in the CSO season. 

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