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Kathleen Jarrell, Assistant Principal Second VIolin

Kathy Violin.jpeg

What was your musical upbringing like?
Everyone else in my family is a scientist - my parents are chemists and my siblings are physicist, biologist and electrical engineer, so I guess I am the black sheep!

Do you teach?
Yes, I am an avid teacher, and I get a lot of joy and satisfaction from helping students. I also coach the Charlotte Symphony Youth Orchestra, and summer music camps

How were you inspired to be a professional musician?
I started at age 7, and by high school I knew I wanted to at least try for a music career. A summer at Tanglewood, and participating in the Fischoff National Chamber Music Competition, Jr. Division (in my hometown) gave me the inspiration to commit to a music career.

Could you describe your job within the Symphony?

I am Assistant Principal Second Violin, which means I am 'second chair' in the second violin section. When the principal player is absent, I fill in as principal occasionally.

What’s the most memorable thing that’s happened on stage?
The concerts I will never forget are the ones with some of my favorite performers: Yo Yo Ma, Itzahk Perlman, and Joshua Bell, to name a few.

What was been the highlight of your career with the Charlotte Symphony?
The highlight of my career has been the privilege of having a career as a symphony musician. I LOVE playing the violin, and being a part of a larger musical instrument: the symphony orchestra.

What are you looking forward to playing?
Anything by Mahler, but just give me a Brahms symphony and I'm happy.

What are some of your non-musical interests, or passions?
My family, including my husband, Charlotte Symphony stage manager John Jarrell, and our three kids in high school. And the full time job that is all their many activities. Years as a "cookie manager" of my daughter's girl scout troop (my symphony friends can blame me for all the extra calories I bring them in January every year). Cooking almost every day for my family. Once in a while - Disney World!

What’s your favorite spot in Charlotte?
One of my favorite spots in Charlotte is my neighborhood. I'm so fortunate to have Freedom Park and Latta Park, and a ton of restaurants only a walk away. John even rides his bike to work at the Belk Theater every day. 

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